The "getting ready" part of your day can be very special.  It is your time to feel pretty and pampered with all the wonderful anticipation of the day.  You can choose to get ready at your home, or a hotel.  Both have their positives and negatives.  

If you choose to get ready at home, you may feel very comfortable in your familiar surroundings.  However, if you get ready at a hotel, you may find yourself a little more relaxed.  After all, not having to put away your dirty dishes and worry about those dust bunnies is nice.  

The room you choose to get ready in should be nice and bright with windows, allowing plenty of natural light  to filter in.  This help bring out the beauty of my photographs to their fullest.

And finally, don't forget to wear something pretty to get ready in, such as a beautiful robe or a cute little tank top embellished with the word bride.