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My name is Katerina Janecka Saxton.  Yes, I know that is a lot of syllables… you can call me Kat.  Almost everyone I know does, and it suites me well. 

My style of photography is editorial with attention to both story telling and the finer details.  My photography esthetic is a combination of candid and posed shots.  My goal for the client’s time with me is to have fun while I capture the details, the emotion, and the beauty of them.  For example, during the couples shoot, I will pose the client in the best location available and give some direction; embrace, kiss, walk, look at each other, look away, etc. Some couples come together very easily and look like they have been in front of the camera before, others need a little guidance and I am there to help. 

One very important thing I would like my clients to know about me and my approach to my work is that… my editing style is timeless.  Both with my color rendering and in the black and white photos I create.  I have seen trends of the “light and airy” photographs take a sidestep to the now more “dark and moody” images.  I do not want my clients to look back at their wedding photos 5 year from now and feel like the images are dated.   

If you were to ask me what my favorite part of wedding photography is?  I would have to say: Hands down, my favorite part has been my clients!!!  Getting to capture/whiteness their adoration/devotion and document all of the love they share for each other and their families is a real honor!!!

When I'm not photographing weddings, I am spending time with my family and friends. My husband and I have 3 dynamic, curious, and inspiring children.  We love to travel and for the past several years, have been fortunate enough to explore the USA in our camper-trailer.  You can check out some of our adventures on my personal Instagram page if you wish.